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Re: "Fanstratics" - проект реикарнации Homm 3 от Грегори Фултона!

Вот что мне написал Грегори Фултон:

Hey, Sergey.

Hope you are doing well.

No need to apologize for modding HoMM3. Modders have kept the game alive, and in my opinion, are vital to its longevity.

As you point out, Fanstratics will have its own unique artificial intelligence. This is out of necessity, due to changes in some game mechanics, and I have already drafted an outline for eventual expansion and implementation.

Pertaining to Ai, for either HoMM2 or HoMM3, feel free to send along any thoughts or criticisms. I would be happy to read and consider them.

As for HotA, and its tournament players, I am very aware of the abuses and exploits being utilized, and their effect on the spirit of the game. There are lessons, positive and negative, to be learned from observing the play of the HotA community, but in the end, Fanstratics will ultimately be its own product.

Thank you for reaching out.

Take care.


Fanstratics Game Director & Designer
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