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Re: MMH5.5 - Герои Меча и Магии 5.5

🕹🕹🕹 RC15 Beta 10 released 🕹🕹🕹

>>> Download <<<

Dear community,

We've released another balance & fixes patch. This time Warcries are significantly reimagined as follow


  • Warcries hero level requirements removed
  • Warcry army rage bonus does not deppend on War Cry level
  • the third rage level is gained at 900 instead of 1000 rage
  • 'Shout Training' perk renamed 'Warcry Training' and swapped with 'Shout of Rage'
  • 'Shout of Rage' perk renamed 'Bloodlust' and gives x1.5 instead of x2 rage to all warcries
  • 'Mighty Shout' perk adds +10 level bonus to warcries instead of +5
  • 'Tribal Teachings' renamed 'Elder Chief' and now gives tier 5 creature every week
  • 'Battle Elation' perk gives +80 rage instead of +50
  • 'Bloodfire' perk modifies rage gain by 33% instead of 50%
  • 'Stamina' perk increases defense per level
  • if the hero attack finishes off a stack the army gains +20 rage
  • 'Confusion' spell reduces rage by 30 per mastery instead of 5 (works as anti rage spell)
  • 'Life Drain' ability reduces rage by 20 instead of 90
  • 'Weakening Strike' effect reduces rage by 30 instead of 90
  • 'Blind' spell reduces rage by 60 per turn instead of 100
  • 'Frenzy' increases rage gain by 50% instead of 100%
  •  receiving a curse spell does not increase rage by 10
  •  added dmg absorbtion info to 'Bloodrage' skill description

  Warcies Level 1 Creeping Warcries
  • 'Word of the Chief' renamed to 'Laceration' and hits enemies for 80 army rage and stuns 0.01 per level (can stack with stunning strike), 5 mana cost, is alternative to regular hero attack because of large amount of army rage it gives.
  • 'Call of Blood' buffed to 15 rage per level, 7 mana cost

  Warcies Level 2

  • 'Fear my Roar' gives 80 army rage, 15 mana
  • 'Battlecry'renamed to 'Onslaught', now affects only one stack, increases speed by +3! and attack per level, gives 40 army rage, 12 mana
  Warcies Level 3

  • 'Horde Anger' gives 40 army rage, dmg raised to 0.8x army size, 20 mana
  • 'Rallying Cry' renamed 'Battle Cry' gives huge amount of rage to whole army (+240 base) and morale for 2 turns instead of 3, 24 mana

  • Rangers have 10% chance for war machines
  • Druids have 12% chance for sorcery
  • Wizards have 10% chance for sorcery
  • Necromancers start with 2 knowledge for easier start
  • Heretics start with 2 knowledge for easier start
  • Tricksters start with 2 knowledge for easier start
  • Runemages start with 2 knowledge for easier start
  • Shamans start with 1 attack instead of 1 defense for easier start
  • fixed Sorcerors learning 'Gating' skill from Witch hut
  • Sorcerers default perk becomes 'Dark Ritual'


  • Following heroes are modified for thematic reasons or 'Master of Curses/Navigation' levelup traps.
  • Bertrand starts with 'Leadership' skill
  • Klaus starts with 'Martial Arts' perk
  • Benedikt starts with 'Advanced Dark' skill
  • Markal starts with 'Dark ritual' perk
  • Orlando starts with 'Master of Pain" perk
  • Wyngaal starts with 'Soldiers Luck' perk
  • Gilraen starts with 'Battle Frenzy' perk
  • Darkstorm starts with 'War Machines' skill
  • Eruina starts with 'Dark Ritual' perk
  • Vayshan starts withOUT 'Offense' skill
  • Naadir starts with 'Drain Soul' perk
  • Deirde starts with 'Dark Ritual' perk
  • Sandro starts with 'Dark Ritual' perk
  • Thant starts with 'Eternal Servitude' perk
  • Vidomina starts with 'Eternal Servitude' perk
  • Jhora starts with 'Dark Ritual' perk
  • Maahir starts with 'Scholar' perk
  • Ebba starts with 'War Machines' skill
  • Garuna starts with 'Dark Ritual' perk

  • 'Town Gate' spell now teleports the hero in the gate of a town, the teleport is canceled if the gate is occupied
  • Previously buffed 'Dark Ritual' perk renamed 'Arcane Ritual' uses different icons and swapped with 'Arcane Training' perk (now sorcery is good early game) 'Erratic Mana' also regenerates randomly 0-10 mana per day
  • reduced mage guild cost to 4 wood and 4 ore per level
  • reduced talisman lvl 3 cost
  • modified rare resource cost patterns for some dwellings from 5 > 5 to 4 > 6 to make building mage guild lvl 2 not interfere with early development
  • added +5 wood and ore to cost of resource silo, but reduced its gold cost to 3000
  • Stalkers have 7 mana and can no longer become invisible if there are not at least 7 units in the stack
  • Shadow Mistress mana increased to 21
  • Spearweilders, +1 max dmg, -1A, -1D
  • Skirmishers, +2A,+1D, harpooners -1A,+1D
  • 'Encourage' perk increases atb by 0.4
  • 'Summon Spectral Dragon' ability is much better (see ingame desc)
  • 'Rune artist' specialization also adds +1 knowledge
  • buffed 'Hypnotize' with 30% less base initiative reduction
  • buffed 'Summon elementals' back to 1.8*SP
  • 'Decay' nerfed to 2 turns base duration
  • 'Poison Master' specialization nerfed to 10% base chance
  • 'Blind' duration scaling changed to 1 + 0.05 per power
  • fixed Lich Masters and some other casters not receiving the correct amount of mana from hero specialization
  • Avengers and Rangers both get extra Dancers to make up for their starting skills (and fixed intro text)
  • fixed Mephala getting too much trees

  • by default all towns (player and neutral) start with mage guild lvl 1 on ARMG maps for better balance and gameplay
  • (this can be switched off in settings.pak or is overriden if existing build town variables are not 0)
  • town conversion cost on ARMG for towns level 0-2 is lowered to 1k,3,3,1,1,1,1
  • likely fixed issue of ARMG placing too many magma shrines in one zone
  • increased zone guard strength on standard templates from 6 to 8
  • increased zone guard strength on belt templates from 6,10 to 8,14
  • increased zone guard strength on team templates from 1,6,10 to 2,8,14
  • increased zone guard strength on window templates from 6,10 to 8,12
  • increased zone guard strength on box templates from 6 to 8
  • increased zone guard strength on epic templates from 6,10 to 8,14
  • increased zone guard strength on ultima templates from 3,7,9,10,12 to 5,9,11,14,16

For more details read the article on moddb!

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