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Re: Heroes of Might & Magic mods for Civilization

Well so much for finishing in 3 months haha. Sorry this is taking so long guys. As mentioned in my previous post I spent quite a bit of time working on my other Command & Conquer and Red Alert 2 scenarios for Sid Meier's Civilization 2 resulting in things looking pretty good with them now.

I then took a bit of a break from all my Civilization 2 modding projects to work on preserving other peoples Civ2 scenarios & mods across multiple sites (CivFanatics, ModDB & Internet Archive) as it became pretty apparent that so much great work had been lost over the last 20+ years and someone needed to do something to stop the rot. It's taken me most of 2021 but I've rescued collections containing thousands of old scenarios so hopefully most of what was lost is safe now! There's still plenty more out there I'm trying to find and rescue though.

Because it was recently the 30th anniversary celebration of Sid Meier's Civilization 1 I also took some time to release my Civilization 1 mods to the world along with some videos that show people how they can play Civ1 in HD with mods & scenarios on modern machines using a VM. These Civ1 videos kick off a huge video series I've been working on for years that will show fans how they can play all the classic Civ1-2-3etc/Col/MoM/CtP/AlphaC games in HD with some of the best mods and scenarios out there.

I didn't create dev diaries for these mods as they're pretty simple compared to the Civ2 HoMM2 posts in this thread but I have done some info & release articles on ModDB. I very much look forward to the day this year I do my final release post in this thread haha.

Civilization 1 For Windows - Soundtrack Overhaul Mod Release!

Civilization 1 – Play As Barbarians Scenario release!

Now that my Civ1 work is done, my Civ2 preservation work almost finished, and my Civ2 videos are almost ready for release I can finally come back to finishing and releasing my Civ2 mods in the next few months (I won't put a number/date on that again though for obvious reasons haha).

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