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Re: MMH5.5 - Герои Меча и Магии 5.5

🕹🕹🕹 RC15 Beta 15 released 🕹🕹🕹

>>> Download <<<

Minor bugfix release to cleanup on latest issues.

  • fixed MAJOR issue of many game features broken when 'hidden artifacts' option was chosen, this issue existed also in earlier betas but was discovered late, it is technically incompatible with 'mixed neutral stacks' therefore this feature will always be disabled from now on when this feature is selected.
  • fixed scenario 'In Search for Power' had become unplayable, 2 objectives have been adjusted (and their descriptions).
  • The Plague tent ability is significantly more powerful and the new description reads as follows: 'The First Aid Tent gains the ability to damage enemy creatures. The damage dealt is 20% more than the tent can heal. Plague shots do not consume healing shots, but will be depleted when there are no healing shots left.'
  • Kaspar starts with advanced defense instead of first aid.
  • Divine Guardians perk is added back into the game, but it no longer adds t7 growth and is renamed divine guardian (singular), the perk replaces twilight and is only available to a select few 'good' classes that cannot learn dark magic: Knight, Ranger, Druid, Engineer, Flamekeeper. The other classes still learn Twilight.
  • boots of levitation is lowered to major artifact and clarified desc.
  • boots of swift journey is raised to relic artifact and value increased to 36000, making it very unlikely placed in early zones
  • Nightmares and Hell stallions swap most of their stats and their names, the new 'hell stallions' have cursing attack instead of fear, since fear is tactically. contradicting searing aura, which fits better with a tankier unit. Nightmare name fits better with black horse with fear ability.
  • removed adventure luck from Soldiers luck as skill got a lot more potent and now academy also has a proc ability.
  • added ability primordeal to elementals (to protect them from chain shot when playing Sorcerer class).
  • implemented new system for preventing abuse with memory mentor, instead of more intrusive 'complex knowledge' text all skills that cause 'mental scarring' start their description with "Adventure Skill: ..", when using the memory mentor a warning is included in the default popup that any skills with this indication will cause mental scarring and remove 2 random primary skills. (A milder effect, but more skills are tagged, such as each level of logistics, necromancy).
  • fixed silver city magistrate perk boosting mana regen.
  • fixed grok being gatekeeper for witch huts and town building mechanics.
  • fixed calh being demonlord for witch huts and town building mechanics.
  • fixed Kilghan start army.
  • fixed pathfinder's aid kit appearing from battle sites.
  • fixed or improved descriptions of dark avenger, vitality, eternal servitude, primordeal, lifedrain, spirit link, spymaster, preparation, cult master.
  • added purge to Archmages, removed energy channel.
  • spectres 2HP, poltergeists 1D.
  • vampires life drain ability reduced to 30%.


  • added new ARMG template series 'Loop', for PvP games with easier return to town, updated ARMG manual with many revised text.
  • added new team templates 4PLadderXL and 4PLadderH
  • removed gladiator template series and replaced with new template 2PLadderXL that has 2way path more towards the middle.
  • cleaned up RMG template tooltip of old news.

For more details read the article on moddb!

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kikoзаклинание "Берсерк" при использовании "Плаща Сандро" действует на нежить, а заклинание "Ослепление" - нет. 
Thank you we will check!

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kikoНапишу небольшое мнение игрока из "одиночной игры"

Выделяется существенное влияние нескольких артефактов и классов героев.

Staff of the Netherworld 
По моему мнению - альтернативы нет. И разница игры с данным артефактов или без него - это выигранный бой без потерь или проигрыш

Staff of the Netherworld is of Relic class and as most of the Relics, there are no alternatives to it. Yes its effect is powerful but this is a late game artifact.
Also to note that it was nerfed from -20% to -15% in the latest revisions.
kikoзачем "Ranger" и "Druid", если есть "Avenger"?
У него есть все умения усиления армии + "Dark Magic" (общее замедление) и "Destructive Magic" ("Master of ice")
Что могут противопоставить два других класса этой расы?

The first difference is primary skill distribution:
- Ranger - 45%/30%/10%/15%
- Avenger- 35%/25%/15%/25%
- Druid    - 10%/20%/40%/30%

You can go destruction with Avenger but you probably wont get as high Spellpower as Druid, will you?

Second, Rangers have access to light while avengers do not. Same story with Druids about Summoning.

Actually there are so many examples to give. Please struct your request better and i will respond if necessary.

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