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Heroes 4 Tournament - Турниры по 4-ым Героям - ONLINE Тут вы можете объявить об своем турнире или принять участие в объявленных турнирах Heroes Of Might And Magic 4

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Старый 18.02.2021, 23:31
Регистрация: 01.03.2020
Сообщения: 2
Регистрация: 01.03.2020
Сообщения: 2
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The Kings 2021 tournament

Dear players, registration for the Kings online tournament of Heroes of Might and Magic 4 opens !

King's league leader : Brennus whiskey

aigle édenté (e-mail: aigle_edente[at]aol[dot]fr)

Game version — Heroes IV Equilibris 3.51. Or 3.55 if both players agree. Any other game modifications are prohibited.

You can be registered via e-mail to Coordinator or post in this theme. Please type usefull indications:

Country and Time zone (UTC):
Time for game:

18th february : publication on forums ;
19-23rd february : sending the official invitation mail. Registration will open, the Kings tournament related post will be gradually created, tournament maps will be decided ;
19th march : the player registration will close ;
20th march : tournament starts.

Each tour of playoff must be played during 21 days (3 weeks, 3 weekends).
There will be no money prize this year.

See you on the battlefield !

aigle édenté

the Kings league site :
AigleEdente вне форума
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